Meet the minds

behind ParentalEQ

Parenting Science Experts

To ensure we stay grounded in science and ensure we do a complete job of translating/creating/curating the best parent-child psychology.  To ensure we use the best techniques of engaging both parents and children, we work with experts in psychology, education and behaviour change.  We will also connect with the medical profession when necessary.

Stefanie Lui Ten

Parenting Expert

B.A (Psych), Grad. Dip (Counselling), M.A. (Play Therapy) (c), PACFA.

Experienced children and parent counsellor trained in a wide range of parenting programs focusing on emotions, behaviours, and relationships, including Circle of Security, Tuning into kids and Triple P.

Prof. Marc De Rosnay

Psychology Expert

DPhil (Dev Psych)

Professor of child development. Expert in emotional development in childhood

Kari Sutton

Parenting Expert

B Ed. (Early Childhood Ed), M.Ed. (Early Childhood), M.Ed. (Guidance and Counselling), Dipl. (Positive Psych and Wellbeing), Grad. Cert. (Inclusive Ed).

Educator, speaker and author specialising in Positive Psychology and children’s emotional wellbeing

Dr. Amy Hawker

Psychology Expert

BSci/BA (Hons), MSc (Dev. Psych), D.Clin.Psych

Clinical psychologist specialising in child and adult work with a focus on families

If you are an expert and are keen to find out more, please contact us at We are a movement as well as a company.  We need to collaborate to improve family emotional health.  Come join us.

Business Experts & Advisors

They say a child is raised by a village and not just the parents.  ParentalEQ is still a young company and we rely on the support of our network of smart diverse business experts from areas including edtech, parenting, communication, user experience, start-up and so on.  See here to see the tribe of legends who help us drive this movement.

Jesse Chard

Audiovisual Advisor

Cert & Dipl (AudioEng& MultProd)

Multi-media director & educator, former Head of Video at World Nomads and News Editor at Macquarie Radio

Shruti Rai

UX Advisor

B VisComDes

Senior Experience Design Director & mentor; formerly of RGA

Vincent Creighton

Educational Science Advisor


Co-CEO – Academy Xi – Digital education. Former GM at Open Colleges and Open Universities

Evan Kaldor

Business Advisor


CEO The Parent Brand. Former GM of FBi Radio

Linda Dickens

Communications Advisor

Senior marketer, content creator and brand story architect. Formerly The Walt Disney Company UK and Australia and parent

Russell Speirs

Schools Advisor

MA (Oxon) Modern Languages
European School of Management, Paris & Berlin

CEO of RSAcademics, global schools consultancy who have worked with over 300 schools in areas from strategy to recruitment.

Please come join us if you have expertise that will make a difference. Email us at