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Get easy access to real support. Schedule a 15-min FREE session with an expert qualified in psychology, counselling, and parenting programs and get a clear pathway to face your current parenting challenges.

How does it work?

Do you have questions about parenting challenges that you would like to ask to an expert instead of searching on Google, posting on Facebook groups, or asking your friends?

Schedule a 15-min FREE session with our Parent-Science Experts, they can guide you with:

  • Behavioural challenges like aggression or defiance
  • Emotional challenges like anxiety, anger or low mood, 
  • Parenting during family transitions such as divorce or loss of a loved one
  • Diagnosis support like ADHD, or Autism.
  • Parenting skills from best parenting practices to positive developmental activities, passing through how to take care of yourself and manage your own stress. 

The experts will ask you about your current challenge and will help you to identify a clear goal and a path to action. 

Is it secure & confidential?

Yes! A FREE session with a ParentalEQ Parent-Science Expert is always secure. All our experts are experienced and trained in confidentiality. ParentalEQ doesn’t share any information that could identify you unless it is an emergency situation.

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*ParentalEQ is a guide to learn strategies and skills to support your child’s development and it is not intended to replace independent professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
T&Cs apply: Promotion for a limited period only, maximum three re-schedules permitted, only one free call per household.