The ParentalEQ Method

Our Philosophy:

  • We believe that emotionally strong kids are the product of informed and empowered parenting.
  • Every family is unique in their composition and dynamics, but there are proven core principles, frameworks and tools that can be used by everyone.
  • We are passionate about supporting parents and carers in playing a more active role in their kid’s emotional wellbeing.

ParentalEQ was designed to help parents be more self-aware, confident and connected with their kids:

  • Parenting challenges can be approached self-confidently, knowing our programs are designed by professionals

  • As you progress through the modules, the exercises build a new sense of understanding between parents and children, improving their relationship
  • Our ultimate goal is a positive impact on wellbeing for the parent, and most importantly, the child.

Therefore, parents should not be teachers or analysts for their children (per se) but partners that will guide their children through their discovery of the world. 

Our Business is About:

  • Simplifying parent-child psychology
  • Providing a coaching platform for parents
  • Delivering positive parent-child outcomes

How ParentalEQ works:

Best Practice Psychology

Our programs are created by leading psychologists from both clinical and academic backgrounds, to bring you the latest and best-practice thinking.

Micro-learning Audio

Each module includes audio sessions to explain the key topic in less than 10 minutes, and offers written summaries for your convenience.

Activity-Based Approach

Each module includes quick and focussed activities that you can do with your child, offering a proactive way to help understand and address your challenges, together.

Always Results Led

Our passion is to create meaningful results for you and your child. You can track your progress in the app and capture the details that are unique to you using the journal feature.

From Our Founders

We know parenting isn’t about being right wrong, it’s about doing the best you can and showing up for your family every day. That can sometimes feel overwhelming

But we also know that when we teach a child to understand their own behaviour and build positive habits, we give them the opportunity to have a more fulfilled, productive and happy life That’s the goal,

ParentalEQ is our way of putting an expert hand on your shoulder when you need it most, and saying ‘it’s ok, we’ve got your back’.

Francisco, Vijay & Luke – co-founders: ParentalEQ