CLOSING SOON: In 2023, our parent-child support services will come to an end

CLOSING SOON – we’re sorry to announce that ParentalEQ will be no more in 2023.  The lack of investment has meant that we have already started to reduce our services such as on-demand support within the app.

We simplify parent-child psychology for every parent to use.

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We help parents with children aged 5-12 to:

Manage emotions

Manage behaviours

Improve family dynamics

Improve parenting skills

Designed by experts to support you with social & emotional challenges

Whether you’ve been referred to a therapist, you are dealing with separation or you’re a progressive parent, you will know that emotional intelligence matters.  Both the EQ of the child and the parent are key.  We simplify the best parent-child psychology for parents with children aged 5-12.  We know most parents understand physical health but emotional well-being is less clear for us all.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to understand and manage your emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively and overcome challenges. Nurturing and supporting the development of EQ in parents & kids helps create habits with life-long benefits in every aspect of their lives, including the ability to build strong relationships, success in education and live a fulfilling life.  Being able to hold it together in good times and during challenges.

We focus on what matters to you

We understand that you are busy. Based on your selected focus we provide you with items that are relevant to you.

Real parent-experts at your fingertips ready to assist you

We have qualified parent-experts ready to assist you with challenges. No appointment necessary.

Micro learning audio + written summary for the parent

We work with psychologists to simply explain the key topics in audio. Always less than 10 minutes per module with clear, written summaries.

Practical and results-based parent-child activities

Carefully crafted parent-child activities designed by experts and psychologists.  Do activities together with your child to understand and change behaviours.

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What are parents saying?

ElaineWorking mum of 2 kids, UK

To have a mirror held up to the way I handle my own anxiety and stress was more than revealing. I have since modified my own behaviour at the same time as helping my daughter settle her own fears. Thank you!

ParentWorking dad of a child (7), Netherlands

ParentalEQ gives us great support in tackling new challenges with our kid. With its rich content and actionable parent/kid activities, the app provides a lot of guidance to understand our kid better...

JenWorking mum of girls (8), Australia

After 2 weeks, my child's self-awareness increased dramatically.

EmmaWorking mum of 2 boys (6, 8), Australia

ParentalEQ gave me the knowledge and confidence to explore my boys’ worries and fears.

KristaWorking mum of 2 boys (8, 11), Australia

ParentalEQ showed me how to best meet them in their context and facilitate those tricky conversations.

MarkWorking dad of boy (12), Australia

ParentalEQ taught me how to label my child’s fears and anxieties as well as my own.

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